The Frustration Within


So many frustrated people and so many abandoned dreams. I realize that activating or stepping into something that one is not ready for is dangerous. All the while as we stand there wanting to be something that are not ready for. And that is a dangerous place to be. A dangerous place to put one’s self. As I we say in our mind that I am this or that and was trying to force things that you were trying to build during the time of our obscurity and was not ready for the light. And in essence that is what we do. We try to force ourselves in positions in which we are not ready for. For instance, calling ourselves an officer of the law and you haven’t gone through the training or anything, basically you are an unskilled person carrying a gun and the tis very dangerous. Which is what happens in many cases. As men we get a call. We here the voice of God, and we self promote. God says, you are an apostle, you are a pastor, you are going to be a leader amongst leaders, and we take it from there. We don’t know what it means to be that type of person. We don’t have the training that goes with it, and we misappropriate the process. The one things that we as a people are infamous for is bypassing the process. But we must understand that in each and every season of our lives that there will be a process. That in everything there is a a process. And to bypass that process can be deadly and detrimental, because if you step out to early and show your weakness, you will be putting yourself out there before it is time. I heard it best this way, it was once said that the best punch is the one that you are prepared for. See in boxing we are trained to roll with the punches. And even in life that is a saying that we are familiar with. And in this season, I began to understand that more and more and what that really meant. As I was so tired of getting punched and God said to me, “Michael the best punch is the one that you are prepared for.” And honestly I was like what? But then as the season went on and on, and I was taking more and more hits I remember in all my many trainings that the best way to take the much was to minimize the impact, and the way that I could do that was to roll with the punch. Meaning that as my enemy punched that I rolled with the inertia of the punch to minimize the punch, and even sometimes the punch missing me in all. And a revelation amongst revelation hit me when he spoke that to me. And that is what exactly happened to me. As men, earthly beings we try to get people to respect and understand what God had placed within us. Our pride takes position, and we are like how dare you not see what God told me in secret. And see that is the key. He told you in secret. And what I had to realize is that before he acknowledged me in public, that I would have to be worthy in private. The thing is that is when most of us get frustrated and we quit. We give up and quit to soon. We think that God said this and maybe he forgot or he gave up on me, he changed his mind. When in essence he is truly waiting on us. He is waiting for us to make the decision that is needed. However, the decision is just that. A decision, one powerless without the process. As he has given us all that we would ever need. Yes that is true, it is biblical, but what is lacking was the training and the know how to use what was given to us. And because of that we put ourselves in a dangerous spot when we try and force the glory of God to cover us and to manifest through us when we are not ready for the strength, the power and the battles that are going to come with it. I mean in our minds we are, but the Father, your Father in heaven is not going to give you something that you are not ready for. Even Jesus had to go through a time of preparation as he was hidden from the world. You remember that at the age 12 Jesus was busy about his fathers business, but he had forgotten one important step to the process, and because of that in the end he was pulled into process. And because of that we didn’t hear from him until 30 years after he had gotten some training. Yes the son of God had to go through a process, and he had to get training for that that was already his. And when it was time, he was thrust into the light. See his weaknesses had become his strength. Another example is when Jesus was pulled into the wilderness for 40 years and 40 nights. And see the thing is, he had gone through the training that he needed to apply those things that he had learned correctly. And because of that he was able to fight the battle that was before him. And God is doing the same thing to you, to me. He is not going to give us something that we are not ready for. But the process is for a reason. It is so that our weaknesses can be turned into a strength and so that when those weaknesses are exposed, that we don’t cripple with pain and fear. See as a law enforcement officer I was trained to run to the bullets. I was trained when in battle to fight and to keep on going, and even when I was wounded and hurt to keep on going, to win as my life just may depend on it. And that is what God is doing for you. See when I went to the academy, I went to learn how to be the police officer I signed up for. And that is exactly what the father is doing for us when we are in a season of the process. He is training us so that we can be the man or woman that he has called us to be. See we may think that we are ready, but if we go out there without the proper training, we may just get our butts handed to us. See I trained to stay alive. To live to fight another day, and that is what the Lord is saying to you. Don’t give up. Don’t misappropriate the reason for the process. Consecrate your life before your father, and find the answers that you need. Trust the process...

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