“Locked and Loaded”

I was in the process of prayer and the spirit told me go walk by the dike (Mississippi River). And as I walked the thrust of the wind was very strong. The breeze was also yet very refreshing as the moist air touched my face. I looked up in the air and observed a kettle of birds not flying but frolicking as they soared in the morning air. These 12 birds were gliding effortlessly through the air. And as I was watching these birds the spirit told me to fix my sight and focus on one specific bird. I watched this bird as it soared effortlessly from one destination to another. And at that moment the spirit said “Watch!” And then the bird locked its wings and I could physically see the path of the thermals.

Immediately I heard the spirit say “The mechanics of how the bird caught the wind is how you are in the spirit.” As I continued to walk the spirit began to talk to me how the the Father is looking for an ambidextrous people. One in which his people can walk on earth but in a moment’s notice can be present in the spirit. And immediately I heard the phrase “Locked and Loaded.”

Just as the bird locked his wings for an effortless flight, so will my children who believe. Their flight in the spirit will be effortless. They will walk upon the earth but at a moment’s notice they will be “Locked and Loaded.” Like in my spirit. And as they seek me they will be “locked and loaded.” And as they walk in my spirit they will be “locked and loaded.”

My children are spirit, in a body, with a soul. And the spirit desires communication with spirit.

In everything that my people do, the process will seem effortless. The obstacle that you endure regardless the level of your path, if it involves me, it will seem effortless. Everything you do in my name will seem effortless. My spirit has a thermal and if you travail in my name you will catch it, just as that bird did, and soar (glide) from destination to destination. You will be “Locked and Loaded.”

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